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It’s emotional energy that inspires me to paint. The use of colors, fluid lines and symbolism, help express what I’m trying to convey. Through each detail, it’s my hope, that people can feel each and every emotion that flows through me as I create my own depictions of how I view the world.  

I grew up in Baltimore, MD, and ever since I can remember; I wanted to be an artist.  I began my training at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts, and continued developing my craft at Towson University where I obtained a BFA in Traditional Illustration.

I’ve struggled with my own self-confidence all too often.  The practice of transferring my anxieties into creating art is what has helped me embrace my own power.  I hope that it can help others do the same: strengthen their confidence in themselves, and their own magic.

 The flow of line work and expressionism plays a big part in my art.  Like life, it’s not structural, it’s organic and transfers cycles of energy of all types.  As I learned to be bolder with my colors, it became therapeutic, even allowing me to understand my own bottled emotions more.  I aspire to create art that empowers, encourages a sense of reflection, awareness and self-love, especially for those of color. I often use brown women warriors as my subjects who sit on a throne of self-awareness.  It’s my true goal that my art remind people of their beauty and their worth. 

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